The F Word

The F Word

Why do we get FAT? Everyone has their reasons and it is quickly becoming an epidemic in our society. Gaining and losing weight really boils down to 2 words. ENERGY BALANCE. Our body is like a biological machine. And like all machines, it needs a kind of fuel to keep it working. And for us, that’s the food we eat daily and the quality of food plays a key part. Food is broken down by our body and converted to energy in calorie. And our weight really depends on the balance of consuming and expenditure.

Weight loss, healthy Eating

Our bodies have this storage function just in case we don’t eat enough, and this fat store can function as a reserve. But nowadays our biggest problem is we can’t control ourselves over all the yummy food in front of us (oops…) and take in more than we need, these extras would be easily reflected into the number some of us hate finding out the most – our weight.

Weight loss, healthy eating

Everyone’s body is different, and how can we determine what is enough? Since young we have heard of this guideline of an average man needs 2500 calories a day and woman 2000 calories, however this differs with factors like height, age, weight, activity level and metabolism. Then… what can we do?! Luckily thanks to the internet, we can easily find an accurate scientific calculator that helps generate a closer number for you to see how much energy you need a day. Just plug in your information and see how much actually your body needs to function everyday!

Find out your number can see how good (or… bad) you are doing!

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