6 Top Myths about Healthy Eating

6 Top Myths about Healthy Eating

Healthy eating is one of the biggest trend nowadays. You can find different advices everywhere, but there are so many of them that are always changing that makes them confusing and conflicting. Following the wrong advice, you may unnecessarily avoid food that you love, worse case you may end up destroying your body yet thinking you are making a healthier choice.

Here we pick the top 6 myths that should be debunked.

1. Eating Clean Means Eating Bland

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People often associate eating clean and eating bland together, yet this may not be the case. A good example is Chinese congee and soup noodles. They may look and taste more bland than other food, but they are a bowl of simple carbohydrates and fats with a lot of hidden calories that you don’t realise, at the same time with very little protein and vegetables that your body needs.

Over seasoning is bad for you, but that doesn’t mean that you cannot put any seasoning into your food to make eating much enjoyable. If you make the right choice, you can still enjoy a lot of yummy food and stay very healthy.

2. Eating Fats will make you Fat

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Each gram of fats has 9 kcals, compared to carbohydrates and protein which have 4 kcals per gram. So it sounds logical that eating more fats will make you fat easier than the other macronutrients, right? But the reality is more calories in fats simple means that it is more satiating, so when you eat high-fat foods, your body will tell you to stop sooner and actually prevent you from overeating.

Fat is not bad, it doesn’t go directly to your belly and hips. On the other hand, it is very important for normal body functioning. It helps with the absorption of some vitamins and phytonutrients, nutrients that are found in vegetables that promotes health. It is also the building blocks of our skin, hormones and a lot of other body components!

3. Fat-free / Low Fat Food are Better

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A lot of people believe that diet products in the market help makes losing weight painless. This is a very dangerous trap. Low-fat and fat free don’t always mean low-calories. When the company takes away the fats in the food, they need to put in more sugar, salt and other additives to make it tastes better, so it will end up having the same (or even more) calories with more sugar and other stuff that is bad for your body. In a series of recent studies, participants ate up to 50% more of the food that the researchers falsely labeled “low fat” than they did for the same exact foods with real labels.

As mentioned before, the fat in the food actually helps satisfy your food cravings, so you may end up consuming fewer calories with a full-fat version. Always check the calories and serving size, and compare with the original version to make sure you don’t take in unnecessary junks that you never plan to take in in the first place.

4. Starchy Carbs are Evil!

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Starchy carbohydrate must be bad because researches show it promotes the growth of cancer cells. And with all the low carb diets and testimonials, carbs have to be bad, right? It’d be true without one problem – carbohydrates is essential for our body. It is the main source of energy supply for our body. Completely eliminating it from your diet will make you very tired, and in the long run, damage your body.

It is true that excess carbohydrates that you take in will be turned into fats for storage, but it doesn’t mean that avoiding carbs can solve the problem. Cutting carbs switches on your body’s “starving button”, causing your body to turn it to fats for storage for future use.

There’s no question that loading up on sugary and refined carbohydrate rich foods like white bread, pasta and doughnuts can raise your risk of developing health problems like heart diseases and diabetes. But blindly assuming that all carbs are bad is a big big mistake! A very good prove is one of the healthiest countries in the world, Japan, consume rice as their main source of food in their diet.  Most importantly you have to know how to choose the right source with the right quantity your body needs.

5. Vegetable Oil is Better than Animal Oil

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The main reason why the world thinks vegetable oil is better than animal oil is because animal oil has more saturated fats which people believe is bad. 

For decades people believed that saturated fat increases the risk of heart disease. This unproven theory has became common knowledge due to the media. Luckily, recent researches finally did justice to saturated fats. Researchers show that there is absolutely no link between the two, and that saturated fat is completely harmless. Saturated fat also helps raise the HDL (the “good”) cholesterol in the body. Also it changes the LDL cholesterol from small, dense LDL (the very bad) to large LDL. There is no reason why you should avoid taking in saturated fats when it actually benefits your body!

Animal fats are full of saturated fat so they can stand up better to high heat and last longer than vegetable fats. Reduced oxidation in animal fats means they have less toxins and carcinogens generated by using vegetable oil alone.

6. Salad is the Healthiest Option on the Menu

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Ever go for a meal with friends and there is someone saying, “I want to eat healthy, I’ll take a salad.” Think of healthy eating and you think of salad. Salad to anything and it just become the healthiest option in the menu. This light, low-calorie-like dish might be a big trickster.

The bed of greens is low calorie and full of vitamins. Yet, no one is satisfied with just that. You will start ticking in front of the add-on options – cheese, bacon, croutons, salad dressing, dried fruit, etc. These can make the sugar, fat, and calorie count just as high as the mouthwatering burger you’re trying to resist!


There are many opinions about what constitutes healthy eating. Just keep everything in moderation and you are good to go.

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