6 Singaporean Food we would love to have in Hong Kong

6 Singaporean Food we would love to have in Hong Kong

Singapore is a place with a mixture of different cultures, and this is reflected very strongly in their cuisines. The cuisines are mainly influenced by the 3 main ethnics, Chinese, Malay and Indian, with dishes that unifies the cooking techniques from the three different regions.

As local Singaporeans, we would love to see some of these amazing dishes here in Hong Kong. And we came up with 6 top dishes we would want to have here!

1. Popiah


from Burpple

Popiah, originated from Fujian, is a fresh spring roll with cooked vegetables. It is now a dish commonly found in Fujian, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan and Medan.

A thin paper-like wheat crepe rolls up all the ingredients including turnip strips, bean sprouts and boiled eggs, together with sweet sauce and chilli sauce. When you bite in, the sweetness of the turnip merges together with the sweet and chilli flavors from the sauce, and with the texture of eggs and beansprouts, its a delicious and healthy snack you can have all through the day!

2. Rojak

from Miss Tam Chiak

Hailing from Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia, Rojak is a tasty Asian salad with a diverse mixing of ingredients found in South East Asia. In Malay, Rojak means “mixture” or “wild mix”. The chopped fruits and vegetables in the salad vary by region and by cook. Normally you can find cucumber, jicama, pineapple, green apple, bean sprouts, ginger flower and crispy fried tofu or Chinese fried bread, tossed with a spicy, tangy sweet sauce and a handful of crushed peanuts. From sweet to sour and crunchy to juicy, these contrasts of textures and flavors are immensely satisfying. 


from Keep Recipes

Satay Bee Hoon is one of our favourite Singapore Hawker dishes. It is a fusion noodle dish between the Chinese and Malay Cuisine, which combines rice vermicelli with cuttlefish, sliced lean pork and kang kong, sometimes also with other seafoods like shrimp, and submerged in a pool of yummy satay sauce. The result is a sweet savoury dish with marvellous nutty flavors and crunch from the key ingredients.

4. Bak Chor Mee

from Linsfood

This dish is very similar to our fish ball noodles in Hong Kong, but instead of fish ball, the egg noodles is served with minced pork, tossed in vinegar, pork lard and chilli, served with or without soup. There are different variations, some serves with pork liver, fish cakes, dried wanton, pork balls, pork dumplings, etc.

This dish is so popular that there are shops selling it 24 hours, meaning that Singaporeans can take this anytime of the day!

5. Fish Bee Hoon

from Daniel Food Diary

Fish Bee Hoon, a dish that has been available since at least the 1920s, and is listed by CNN as one of the “40 Singapore foods we <Singaporeans> can’t live without”. With rice noodle in a rich fish stock made by boiling fish head and bones with hints of milk for hours, served with fried fish fillet slices, vegetables and tomatoes.

With the steamy and milky coloured soup, it is viewed as a healthy dish in Singapore, and is a delicious comfort food for a lot of Singaporeans.

6. Yong Tao Foo

from The Honey Combers

Another healthier option you can find in Singapore Hawkers is Yong Tau Foo (which means “stuffed bean curd”). It is a dish that allows customers to pick their choices of food combination, variations from tofu and vegetables stuffed with fish or meat paste, meatball, egg and vegetables, which are then boiled when ordered. You can have it with soup or dry, the dry versions come with a red fermented bean curd gravy drizzled over. Either you pair it with assorted noodles, rice or delve it down by its own, it is a dish that can soothe your craving anytime!



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