6 Easy Ways to Eat Healthily and Keep Lean

6 Easy Ways to Eat Healthily and Keep Lean

A lot of people tend to complicate things when it comes to healthy eating, but it is actually very easy. Having a balanced eating habit and you are good, especially to maintain your good shape! Simply apply these six ways into your daily diet!

1. Food Portioning

Unless you want to be a fitness champion, you don’t really go to the extreme of taking no oil, no salt and no sugar in your diet. All you need is a balance. Your shape will maintain as long as you don’t take in more calories than you burn everyday. It will be great if you know how much calories you need and keep track on the calories you consume, but the easier and more sustainable alternative is portioning.

Protein makes up your whole body, so it is essential to take in enough protein every day. You should eat a palm sized worth of good protein to make sure have what your body need.

A lot of people eliminate carbohydrates for weight lose purpose, yet this may make you even fatter in the end. Instead, you should take in the right amount of good carbohydrates for healthy body functioning. Keep your carb portion to not more than your fist size and you will be fine.

It is a myth that you should avoid fats and cholesterols! Good fats and cholesterols are very important for your health! Take your thumb size as one serving, and you need two servings of good oil every meal!

You have no limit on vegetable intake as most vegetables have very insignificant amount of calories. However, you have to be aware of the way of cooking and too much sauce, these are mostly where the unwanted calories come from.

2. Take Enough Vitamins and Minerals

Take in enough vitamins and minerals
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To take in enough vitamins and minerals, it is very essential for you to take in all 5 different colours of fruit and vegetables every day. However, including myself, it is very very hard to filful this requirement nowadays, especially if you eat out a lot. So I do take some multi-vitamins and minerals supplements to make sure I have this area covered. To choose a good supplement brand, avoid synthetic supplements, and make sure you know where they get their raw materials from.

However, you can never replace your source of nutrition by supplementations, eating the right food is still the key to having a healthy body.

3. Avoid C.R.A.P

Healthy Eating - Avoid CRAP

The four main toxins that destroy our health are C.R.A.P, i.e. (Excess) Caffeine, Refined sugar, Alcohol and Processed food.

Caffeine itself can help burn fats and boost metabolism, but excess caffeine (more than two cups of tea or coffee a day) triggers your body to produce fat-storing stress hormone called cortisol. And there are more to come with the “junks” you put into your drink like sugar, syrup and coffee cream.

Ideally, you shouldn’t really have any processed sugar at all. Excess sugar will be transformed and stored in your body as fat. There are more bad to come from taking refined sugar: it is additive; it leaches you body of vitamins and minerals; it quicken ageing in your body; it messes up your body’s blood sugar level and lowers your energy, thus causes diabetes.

In short, alcohol is poison to your body, which needs your liver to detoxify. It is the simplest and most fattening sugar of all., and it also triggers your body to produce a far storage hormone called oestrogen (which makes you even fatter!). A lot of people think drinking red wine can promote health due to it’s antioxidants, but the concentration of antioxidant in red wine is so low that it does more harm to you than good. You can get much more antioxidants by taking in grapes directly!

Now here come the worst – Processed food! It is food that has been altered from it’s natural form to make it cheaper, more convenient or attractive. or to extend it’s shelf life. Processed foods are usually stripped of their natural goodness, and pumped with man-made additives and preservatives, which most of them are bad for you!

4. Take In Enough Liquid

Fete Up Healthy Eating Healthy Diet

You should take in six to eight 225ml glasses of liquid a day, and this number increases due to factors like exercises, pregnancy, lactation and weather. Best of all (which everyone knows) is water. Tea that has no caffeine and herbed water can be good substitution if you prefer some flavours.

5. Do Not Skip Meals

Fete Up Healthy Eating Healthy Diet

Although short-term intermittent fasting may be good for you, skipping meals frequently can do a lot of harm to your body. Your intellectual and emotional functioning will be affected by the lack of steady nutritional. You will have blood sugar strikes that may lead to diabetes. Your body will use your muscle as a energy fuel source, and together lead to a decrease in your metabolism rate. If you continue skipping meals, you will end up damaging your organs.

6. Eat the Right Thing at the Right Time

Fete Up Healthy Eating Healthy Diet

Like you have already heard a million times, breakfast is the most important meal of the day! Not only it gives you the energy your body and brain need to start of the day, taking breakfast can help you reduce the risk from obesity, heart diseases and high blood pressure! It also plays an important role for maintaining your shape. Typical breakfast in Hong Kong is carbohydrate based, but actually a balance of macronutrients are needed during breakfast like all the other meals, and you especially need enough protein to start off your day!

Avoid eating heavy meal four hours before you go to bed. Your body is in a recovering and resting state when you sleep, thus you shouldn’t give your stomach too much work during this period. Instead, eat simple snacks that are easy to digest.

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